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How to debug Angular tests in VSCode

How to debug Angular tests in VSCode

VSCode has the option of debugging code inside the editor. While in typical console programs running the debug is very easy, so on the Angular test environment which is Karma is not so easy, because here we have a browser as a test environment.

Fortunately, when looking for an answer, I discovered one source of microsoft vscode-recipes. And by reading the description vscode-chrome-debug I was able to create a launcher of my dreams.

  • Install extension: Debugger for chrome

Debugger for chrome extension view in vscode

  • Add the configuration to the file .vscode/launch.json
  "type": "chrome",
  "request": "launch",
  "name": "Debug karma tests",
  "url": "http://localhost:9876/debug.html",
  "webRoot": "${workspaceFolder}",
  "runtimeArgs": [
  "sourceMaps": true,
  "sourceMapPathOverrides": {
    "webpack:/*": "${webRoot}/*",
    "/./*": "${webRoot}/*",
    "/src/*": "${webRoot}/*",
    "/*": "*",
    "/./~/*": "${webRoot}/node_modules/*"
  "port": 9223

Now all you have to do is run ng test in the background. And when you need to check what is happening in a given test, all you have to do is insert a breakpoint on a given line or add debugger, press F5 and you have everything you need.

PS: By pressing CTRL + SHIFT + Y you open the debug console where we can execute the code in the current breakpoint.

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